About Rocky

Hello and welcome, my name is Rocky Huber the creator and owner of RockyHuber.com. I am an passionate entrepreneur, blogger, corporate advisor, coach and mentor.


My life

I am an innovative, corporate being at heart, analytical, creative and eccentric by nature. I love to design and create innovative jewellery in my spare time, and have a passion for golf, tennis, mountain biking, archery, snow/water skiing and ballroom dancing (all of which I have participated in heavily since I was a child).

Having been exposed to business for close to 20 years and also having started and managed a number of my own, I have gained exposure to businesses at all levels. In particular, my family has run a number of businesses in manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, mining and international distribution.

At birth my father named me Rocky, to my mother’s disapproval they compromised on Robert. However due to the powerful associations to the name Rocky, my closest and dearest friends have always continued to call me that. Please call me Rocky.

The Family

My older sister (Natalia) and I grew up in a comfortable family oriented Polish household in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney Australia. My father (Walter) is an incredibly driven and successful entrepreneur who possesses an unshakable never give up attitude. Due to his successes, for many years we lived a good life of luxury holidays, houses, cars and boats.

Despite his many of his great successes, over the years his seemingly erratic business decisions cost our family millions, and as such we rarely saw eye-to-eye.

My mother (Jolanta) recently made the exciting transition from employee to entrepreneur a few months ago, starting her very own premium Jewellery brand.

Losing it all

At the age of 14 a severe downturn in the gemstone industry saw us lose it all, and boy did we lose it all. The change in lifestyle did not bother me as much as my mother’s continuing anguish over our misfortune. For many years life had became significantly unstable and difficult.


As a child growing up adversity was an every day occurrence. Severe learning difficulties and coordination problems saw me at the bottom of all classes. Overcoming these difficulties was the first of my great life successes, as hard work, persistence and determination would see me move on to graduate in all the top classes.

This journey was made all the more difficult by strict medical dietary requirements and heavy bullying throughout these years. Being different, lack of family support, at home dynamics really made it difficult for me to fit in anywhere. Much of my time was spent in participating in a variety of different sports.


Why share this with you?

I live a life of no regrets. We all have different backgrounds and adversities in our journey to success, however rarely people share the obstacles they had to overcome to get there. The adversities have largely shaped me into a wiser, more intuitive and ambitions person. I look forward to sharing these valuable lessons with you on this blog.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

The Entrepreneurial Seed

At 13 he took me one of his many business trips to Hong Kong. Over breakfast one morning my father planted the seed for what has grown to be my entrepreneurial passion today. He told me, there is something special about you… one day you will be very successful. I had no idea what he was talking about, as in my head I was just a bullied shy kid with a depleted self-esteem.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

My first home-based business experience

At the age of 18 I was presented my first home based business opportunity. Motivated beyond belief, heavily equipped as a one-man army… I was going to shift the world! Over 200 motivational tapes, books, and audiocassettes later my organization withered away into the abyss. Lack of adequate mentoring and guidance, family support coupled with mass rejection, inadequate tooling and a low self esteem all proved to be obstacles to my success.

Running from life’s responsibilities

So I ran as fast and far as I could to avoid life’s responsibilities for a while… Goodbye Sydney and hello Perth! Several months later I return home to continue my studies. Since then I have dabbled in numerous different university courses including engineering, industrial design, design communication, marketing and business. I have also taken many other intensive courses in business, high-level corporate strategy, motivation, and personal development.

After graduating I went out and got my first 9-5 job. During this time I experienced workplace politics, mismanagement, false expectations, never enough-attitude etc I realized that employment was not for me and I decided that it was high time that I would be my own boss.

Giving it all up and moving back with family!

At this time gave up my job, my lifestyle, my apartment and moved back in with my family to pursue my entrepreneurial passions. I started establishing the foundations of a new jewellery brand (that is set to be released shortly).

I also started Equitential, a Sydney based Corporate Advisory firm that helps businesses achieve their financial goals through high-level corporate strategy. I still run this firm today, though the cut-throat nature of the industry was proving to be not nearly as gratifying as I initially thought and I just knew I had to do something more.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Wealth Dynamics Profiling

After completing my wealth Dynamics Profiling – which showed me that my path of least resistance to wealth creation was to nurture others to financial success, I decided it was high time I started my second home-based business experience. I was finally able to help people who were not able to raise investor capital, develop the capital required to pursue their dreams.