Author: Rocky Huber

Stop Burying Your Idea Into An Early Grave

Is intellectual property (IP) protection more formality than function? In many cases, if you are looking at patents in particular than the answer is yes. While it makes perfect logical sense to protect your IP with patents, the amount of protection you receive is rarely what you are led to believe. In fact, in many […]

Why your fear of failure is forcing you to fail

Mitch Barrie

Your fear of failure is worse than failure itself. Failure helps you learn, grow stronger, and improve. But the fear of failure does nothing but paralyse you. You don’t gain anything from your fear of failure, but you potentially lose a lot. Many successful business owners say that your MBA should be your first failure […]

Do you live in an ideation economy? Here’s why it matters.

Photo original source - Jennifer Morrow. Ideation.

Ideas don’t get the credit they deserve. Of course, an idea without action is worthless, but so is action without a purpose. The fact is, as a country, we need new ideas to thrive. Not only economically, but in all facets of society. Innovation is the lifeblood of economic prosperity. Developing countries and industrialized countries […]

The problems with signing a Non Disclosure Agreemeent


Non Disclosure agreements (NDAs) are very common in various business circles. It’s not unusual for some people to request that you sign one before disclosing even the most vague details about their idea or business. However, NDAs are generally overused and typically don’t offer the value that they are perceived to. In fact, most people […]

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

Are ideas really cheap?


Are ideas really as cheap as people love to say they are? My answer is: it depends. In my experience, ideas are cheap. However, good ideas are not, and they come at a serious price. In addition, constructing a series of ideas to come together smoothly and form a bigger commercial picture is extremely valuable […]

The problem with patents


Throughout my career I have observed many problems surrounding patents. In fact, the problems have only gotten worse in recent years. Patents rarely provide the protection that people seek when filing one and there are many loopholes that competitors use to steal information. The amount of time and money spent on litigation surrounding patents has […]

“He who feared he would not succeed sat still.” ~ Horace

“He who feared he would not succeed sat still.” ~ Horace